Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA

COVID-19 Response

March 15, 2020

Video recorded sermons are now available to view via YouTube. Click on the following YouTube button. You may decline to subscribe to our channel and still view the videos, but we hope you will subscribe and share.


March 13, 2020

The gospel call to “be not afraid” is surely being tested as we face the coronavirus crisis. How do we continue to gather as God’s people and serve our neighbors with compassion and hospitality, while also respecting everyone’s health and safety? The session will be meeting this Sunday to discuss reasonable practices and responses that we will be undertaking in the days ahead.

In the meantime, here are some important things to know:

Beginning this Sunday, March 15th, are suspending our corporate gatherings for worship, Sunday school, ministry team meetings, and Covenant Connection indefinitely. While this feels counter-intuitive to our gospel DNA, this seems like the best way we can love one another and our larger community at a time when public gatherings need to be drastically limited.

We are working on a live-streaming option for worship, and this Sunday we will attempt to tape a service that you will be able to access through You Tube on Covenant Channel CPC 2020. I’m aware that this will not make worship accessible for everyone, but I hope it will be one way for us to stay connected and rooted in God’s love. Please be patient as we navigate this challenging time. I’m sure the session will discuss ways for meetings to occur via services like ZOOM.

Second, Rindy, Karen, and I plan to continue coming into the office during the week. We will find ways to be in touch with you and offer pastoral care — even if the best option is by phone. Please do not hesitate to call if you have a particular need or simply need to talk. We will be coordinating with congregational care to look for ways that we might help those who prefer not to venture out to get groceries and needed medications.

Third, it is our deep desire to continue serving our food insecure neighbors through our food pantry. If those of you who have signed on as volunteers feel comfortable continuing in this important ministry, we would be most grateful. However, we also respect anyone’s decision to take a step back. As far as FEAST goes, we are considering several options and early in the week will be sending out word on whether the March 21st distribution will go on as scheduled.

These are challenging times, no doubt. But God’s people have found their way through the wilderness before, and our Creator promises to remain with us even now. Let’s lean into these difficult days with faith, hope, and love, trusting that we are being held in God’s grace even when we cannot literally embrace one another.

Grace and peace,