Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA

Sunday School

2015-2016 Classes
Sundays, 9:30 – 10:30am

The Nautilus Class
Lost Christianities! Do you know much about them? We didn’t either. It’s exactly why the Nautilus study group has turned to an engaging presenter, Professor Bart Erhman, the expert on the 8 diverse Christian groups that emerged in the wake of Jesus’ ministry on earth. One of our members knows the series and says, “You’ll find surprising contrasts in customs and beliefs and some amazing central truths.” Come and see what is yet to be learned about our Christian heritage. Grow in the knowledge of the role our God’s Presence played in bringing us our Blessed Hope today. Class begins at 9:30 with a 30-minute video, followed by a lively discussion led by a rotation of classmates. Join us for one Sunday or for all 24 sessions.
Coordinators: Sandy Whitney and Arnelle Combs

The Upper Room Bible Class
This class is led by a team of teachers – Jim Bowden, Terry Centner, Mary Ann Johnson, Gloria Pylant, Chuck Rosenberger, and Beecher Mathes – and meets up the ramp in the Upper Room. Through November, we’ll study the theme of The Christian Community Comes Alive, found in the Book of Acts, reading passages about seeds of new growth in the early church and examples of bold testimony by apostles and believers as they spread the Gospel. We use PCUSA curriculum, The Present Word.  Always an engaging and loving discussion. Come & see, grow & share!
Coordinator: Beecher Mathes

Emmaus Road Class
The Emmaus Road class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. This fall we will be accepting the invitation of Jennifer Grade Bird to ask difficult questions of the Bible – and be suprised, perhaps, by the answers. Dr. Bird’s book, Permission Granted, will be our primary text along with the Bible itself. Mark Harper will facilitate this class – except when someone else does! Come and join us!
Coordinator: Mark Harper

The Journey Class
Kissing Fish: Christianity for People who Don’t Like Christianity, by Roger Wolsey, is a scholarly yet thoroughly accessible introduction to progressive Christianity. While the intended target audience for this work would seem to be those who have either left the Christian faith or never adopted it at all, the work is filled with pearls of wisdom for all of us, whether associated with Christianity or not. Kissing Fish is a truly remarkable work, serving both as a reminder of the beauty and grace that form the central tenets of the faith, while offering a graceful yet prophetic rebuttal to its more exclusionary tendencies. Kissing Fish is part theological text and part tell-all personal spiritual journey. Imagine a down-to-earth combination of the works of Marcus Borg, Anne Lamott, Jim Wallis, Rob Bell, Shane Claiborne, Diana Butler-Basss, Brian McLaren, Walter Wink, Wes Howard-Brook, and Donald Miller – a profound romp that informs and inspires. The Journey Class meets in the nursery hall.
Coordinated by Steve Bell and Phil & Sallie Hale