Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA

Ministry Teams

Want to offer you time and talents to the variety of ministerial efforts at Covenant? Please fill out the Personal Involvement Form (PDF). Each of the Ministry Teams described below oversees several programs that are fundamentally shaped by the efforts of volunteers from the congregation. Opportunities to serve vary widely — some are annual, some monthly, some weekly.

Christian Education

The purpose of Christian Education at Covenant Presbyterian Church is to nurture our discipleship, build our spirit of community and cultivate clarity of thought about our faith. The Christian Education Ministry Team guides the variety of education programs at Covenant, including WoRM for Elementary children, Sunday Morning Circuit for Middlers and High Schoolers, Adult Sunday School, Youth Group, Covenant Connection on Wednesdays, The Cave on Fridays, Vacation Church School, and Presbyterian Women.


The Worship Ministry Team supports both pastors and congregation in “ascribing all praise and honor, glory and power to the triune God. In worship the people of God acknowledge God present in the world and in their lives. As they respond to God’s claim and redemptive action in Jesus Christ, believers are transformed and renewed. In worship the faithful offer themselves to God and are equipped for service in God’s world.”

The Worship Ministry Team supports this work by making sure the “behind the scenes” work gets done—like hanging the banners in the workshop center and preparing communion elements, to the more visible parts of the worship experience like planning for special services and organizing greeters and ushers. In addition to Sunday services, the Worship Ministry Team will assist on request with weddings and memorial services.

The Worship Ministry Team focuses on welcoming all to join in the life of Covenant Presbyterian Church. As a team, we provide a place to share creative talents and organizational skills, and match people’s time and talents to opportunities to share and grow together.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Ministry Team provides the congregation with the information and means to extend its ministry through the use of the church building and grounds and into the Athens-Clarke community.  This team strives to encourage and support each member of Covenant’s family to demonstrate compassion on a private, individual basis and through a public, corporate basis.  Members may choose to help our neighbors in need by participating in planning, doing, learning, giving, and prayer.

Care and Nurture of Young Children

The care of infants, toddlers, and young children is a sacred work of the church. The team is charged with overseeing the provision of safe and loving care during church events in non-instructional settings for Newborns through Kindergarten-aged children.

Building and Grounds

The Building and Grounds ministry team involves and coordinates the congregation in church maintenance and upkeep, develops and publishes standards for the use and care of the facilities, and provides strategic advice on the updates and improvements that will continue to make the grounds a witness to God’s work among us.

Stewardship and Finance

The purpose of the Stewardship and Finance ministry is to evoke and promote the expression of Christian faith in daily living; to teach the Christian use of time, talent, and money; to diffuse knowledge of the congregation’s local, national, and world-wide ministries; and to lead all its members to higher levels of proportionate giving for the Lord’s work.


The Witness Ministry Team’s mission is to lead the congregation in assuming the responsibility of Christian witness with a focus on the world outside Athens-Clarke County; to coordinate various mission-related activities within the church; to expand awareness of and opportunity for hands-on service and Christian peacemaking (statewide, nationally, and globally); and to connect to the wider PCUSA denomination through special offerings and other programs.

Congregational  Fellowship

The purpose of Congregational Fellowship ministry is to provide opportunities for the congregation to come together for fellowship activities, thus strengthening relationships and the bond of fellowship among members and the congregation as well as those activities that are long standing traditions.  Activities occur in both the small group and large group setting and are designed to involve the whole congregation.

Congregational Care

The purpose of the Congregational Care ministry is to bring about Christian growth through personal involvement and participation in a shared church life. The ministry continues to have an ongoing effort to connect and support our church family and the diverse needs that lie within. The variety of issues this ministry addresses includes helping members and families during times of need such as death or sickness. It also familiarizes new members with work, worship, and fellowship in the church and creates a friendly, hospitable atmosphere for visitors. In addition, it oversees the Confirmation Class and hosts an annual reception for high school seniors. The Congregational Care ministry also oversees The Graduates, program for older adults.