Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA

Green Dream Team

PrintCovenant is an Earth Care Congregation, designated as such by the PCUSA for its work related to stewardship of the Earth. The Green Dream Team is the Covenant ministry that coordinates these efforts. The Green Dream Team raises awareness about environmental and ecological impacts created not only by actions in our own homes and in our church home, but also in the larger communities in which we reside, including the global one. The Green Dream Team shares articles, current events, and practical tips with the larger congregation and promotes opportunities for all to act responsibly toward the planet. Current team members include Barbara Burnett, Jere Bowden, June Meyers, Caren Snook, and Mary Ann Wynes. Contact them if you would like to learn more!

header-terracycle-logo-1653b33401bdba6585c9339308fcba84The Green Dream Team also oversees Covenant’s TerraCycle program, which allows a large catalog of specific (and quite surprising!) items to be collected and sent to TerraCycle. Instead of getting landfilled, these items are recycled or upcycled and our church gets TerraCycle points which are redeemed in order to pay for recyclables not eligible for free shipping.


To make it easy for everyone, most acceptable items can be placed in the appropriate bins in the TerraCycle Collection Area near the church’s main entrance. The exceptions are electronics and toner cartridges. These may be left with a Green Dream Team member or with Karen Wetherington in the main office during regular office hours. The Green Dream Team takes it from there – doing all the appropriate packing and shipping to the TerraCycle company!

All brands and sizes of the following are accepted, unless otherwise noted:

  • Candy bags and wrappers – plastic and aluminum only, no paper
  • Cereal bags and liners from boxes of cereal – plastic only
  • Cheese bags and wrappers – plastic only
  • Chip and snack bags – stiff, crinkly plastic only
  • Diaper and baby wipes packaging – plastic only (collection ending in July)
  • Drink pouches – plastic and aluminum, straws and straw wrappers included. Place in zip lock bags in the drink pouch collection drawer to keep ants at bay!
  • Personal care bottles, tubes, jars, etc – as from shampoo, liquid soap, body wash, creams, lotions, lipstick, lip balm, including brushes, plastic only, NO GLASS
  • Tape dispensers and cores – plastic only
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and caps, dental floss containers
  • GoGosqueeZ food pouches – NO OTHER BRANDS
  • HP and Canon inkjet cartridges – NO OTHER BRANDS
  • Laser printer toner cartridges – click here for the list of acceptable brands
  • Electronics – working or broken, all brands, including cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, graphing calculators, iPods, laptops, netbooks, notebooks, e-readers, tablets, iPads. NOT ACCEPTED – cables, power supplies, keyboards, mice, external drives, etc.