Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA

Church School for K-5

10Covenant uses a variety of resources grounded in the Reformed tradition for our youth programming. The scope and sequence of our Workshop Rotation Model (WoRM) curriculum is designed by our own leaders, with lesson plans gleaned and tweaked from several WoRM websites. We strive to survey the canonical stories and teachings of the Bible and encourage the children to use their own story-telling and interpretive skills to make connections to happenings in their own lives. Our sharing of Bible stories comes alive in the WoRM classrooms, which transport children to Biblical era environs such as the Potter’s Workshop, Temple Courtyard, Oasis Theater, and the Loaves and Fishes Cafe. Church School meets Sundays in the Fall and Spring from 9:40-10:40am prior to the 1-10:45am service.

2016-2017 WoRM Coordinator: Sarah Shannon

Click here to sign up to volunteer to lead a class and to see the list of scheduled leaders and helpers. Curriculum is provided. One time AND regular volunteers are welcome. A team of helpers are available to assist all volunteer leaders.