Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA


Birthing the Beloved Community: A Sermon Based on Exodus 1:8-2:10

This morning I am especially grateful for two realities and two people: the first reality is that we are here together beginning a new season of trying to walk in the way of Jesus Christ. And the second is that someone else made a choice that made it possible for us to be here doing our best to praise and follow Jesus. Maybe that person was a parent or grandparent or friend. Maybe that person was a neighbor or church leader or theologian who inspired you to take the Gospel seriously. Maybe it was a scientist or artist or poet whose work opened a window in your imagination that let the Holy Spirit of God blow in like a stormy afternoon wind and mess up what you thought you knew. Whoever and whatever it was, none of us got here completely on our own. Somewhere in time and somewhere along the way, somebody made a decision – perhaps at the risk of their own life – that resulted in the fragile yet ferocious life of faith that is embodied in communities like this one. Read more

The Tone of Our Words” (James 3:10-13 & Matthew 15:17-28) 8-20-17

Jesus is on a journey, and he’s far from home in the passage we read today.  First he was on the west side of the Sea of Galilee, healing the sick brought to him by their family & friends, wanting to touch just the edge of his cloak, knowing that simple gesture would make them well.  Some scribes & Pharisees had heard of his miracles and had come all the way from Jerusalem, to find Jesus and see for themselves what was going on.  Read more

A Tale of Two Parties: A Sermon Based on Matthew 14:1-12!

A Tale of Two Parties: A Sermon Based on Matthew 14:13-21 (and Matt.14:1-12!)                     Preached by Mark Harper at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Athens, Georgia                           August 6, 2017

Most of the time around here, the scripture readings we listen to on Sunday mornings are suggested by the common lectionary. Not prescribed – no one in the national office in Louisville or in the local presbytery leadership is dictating what we read in worship. And most of the time, I’m all about following the lectionary since it keeps me from just picking out my personal favorite passages, plus over the course of a year it offers a broad sweep of the whole Bible. Read more