Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA


“Setting the World on Fire!” (Hebrews 12:1-2 and Luke 12:49-53)

Well, that’s a slice of real life.  Family members all crossed up.  Jesus in distress about hard times ahead.  The world in such a mess that he just wants to burn it all up.  This is one of the hardest passages in the Bible to hear – our Lord of life & love saying he didn’t come to bring peace, but rather to cause conflict & division among us.  (I think Mark mentioned this passage in one of his sermons a couple of weeks ago, but of course, as the lectionary rolled around, it landed on my day to preach.  Thanks a lot.)  And this passage is even nestled within a larger section of doom & gloom.  The chapter starts with a warning against hypocrisy and closes with another – the end is near! – like superstorm clouds, billowing in the sky.  Read more

We Meet in the Middle

“We Meet in the Middle”    (Romans 12:3-8 and Luke 10:38-42)                                           Sun.   July 21, 2019

This Bible passage is such a familiar slice of life.  Probably we’ve all been there, in Mary’s shoes one time, in Martha’s shoes another – and in Jesus’ shoes too, don’t forget, if you’ve ever been triangled in someone else’s argument.  I think that’s why we love the Gospels so much, for they tell us about God in such tangible, down-to-earth ways, and we recognize both the joys & the struggles we experience in life together.  Thank goodness God chose to come live with us in Christ, so we might begin to see what love really is, what it can do, for everyone – ourselves included – helping us choose the better part of faith & hope & trust in our relationships, with God and with others, as Jesus fleshed out for us the connections and the expressions of love we all share. Read more