Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA


The Gift of Long Life (Psalm 92:12-15 and Psalm 1)

It’s May – a new season of fruit begins!  The strawberries are wonderful at Washington Farms.  Next are blueberries & blackberries & mulberries that you can pick at Buffalo Creek Farm on June 16 – sign up on the bulletin board.  Jubilee Partners invites you to come enjoy their berries too.  Raspberries are in the grocery stores.  Bananas seem to be year-round.  Then come cantaloupes & huge watermelons in June & July. Read more

“Choosing to Be Family” (Acts 4:31-37 & Isaiah 58:6-9a) 4-8-18

It’s a sign of hospitality, the welcome mat at the door, like saying, “Peace to all who enter here.”  Do you have a welcome mat at your house?  I grew up with one.  Not sure when I switched over to the plain, brown mats, just to wipe your feet.  Maybe the welcome mats cost too much.  Maybe it’s our culture of fear, our obsession with security, and so we answer the door now from an app on our phone & don’t even answer the phone at all when we see the one calling is a stranger.  No more welcome mats.  We gotta be careful these days. Read more

A Rocky Road to Life John 12: 12-9 Isaiah 40: 3-5

(due to technical difficulties an audio version is not available)

Today begins a celebratory week of homecoming, complete with a parade, as we dig out from the snow banks & look around at the buds of spring, as family we haven’t seen all year begin to crowd in under one roof, and as merchants stock their shelves with baskets & bonnets, with ham & eggs, with greens to eat & greens to plant. Read more