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We look at caring for creation by hearing the story of creation, Separation of the Waters in Genesis 1, pages 9-17 in your Sunday School packet. In addition to the coloring story cards and creation wheel, here are some other activities your preschoolers and elementary schoolers may enjoy:

1.  Science experiment: Did you know you can poke holes in bag full of water and it won’t leak? Try this experiment with kids: Fill a zip-loc back 3⁄4 full of water. Seal it. Then take a bunch of newly-sharpened pencils or colored pencils and slowly, one at a time, poke them through the bag, piercing both sides but not pulling them all the way through. It could be fun to let each person in the family try to see how many pencils they can poke through their own bag. Do this experiment outside, or over a tub or sink, because at the end, when you remove the pencils, you’ll want to watch the water squirt out!

2.  For a short video of the creation story in Genesis 1-2,  YouTube Creation (Genesis 1-2)

3.  For more craft ideas, puzzles, recipes, and games, visit the website, and search for The Creation Story.

4.  Interested in family-oriented outdoor activities? Visit the Project Learning Tree website: and search for family activities.