Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA


At Covenant Presbyterian Church, we praise, seek and focus upon God. We gather, joyfully offering ourselves to become the church, faithfully ascribing all honor, glory, power and promise to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As Father, God initiates love on our behalf in His creation and His covenant, in calling us to repentance and by offering forgiveness. As Son, Jesus reflects a perfect response to God by demonstrating the form and purpose of redeemed human living. As comforter, the Holy Spirit enlivens us to God’s eternal grace and current claim in our lives.

During worship, our relationship to God proceeds from praise. We receive and proclaim the Holy Scripture in sermon and song. We confess our shortcomings and are assured of pardon. Baptism affirms the sign and seal of our union with the body of Christ. The Lord’s Supper confirms communion with the promises of the risen Lord. We respond to Christ’s self-sacrificing love by offering talents, time and treasure. We renew our Faith and dedicate ourselves to the Church’s mission as the presence of Christ today.

Our worship reflects conversation with God, both searching and being found, as a church community and as individuals. Our worship embraces the Reformed heritage of saints, together with the gifts of modern witnesses worldwide. We see our worship as communion with God that includes speaking and arts, acting and silence, blessing and charge. Our worship employs prayers of praise, adoration, gratitude, celebration, supplication, intercession, repentance, dedication, commissioning and ordination. Our worship embraces caring for the faithful, for those fallen in the midst of selfish habits and broken institutions, where the Lord’s unconditional love and grace guarantees redemption. Our worship expresses and claims the reality of God’s power to create and sustain both individuals and the community, and in all ways, to love this world.

You, a child of God, are welcome here. You are invited to love God, to claim the promises of the Lord, and become one in the worship and work of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Join us! Let us enjoy God together.

Alleluia! Amen.