Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA


Of Camel’s Hair and Solar Panels: A Sermon Based on Matthew 3: 1-12

Of Camel’s Hair and Solar Panels: A Sermon Based on Matthew 3:1-12                                            Preached by Mark Harper at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Athens, Georgia                            December 8, 2019 – The Second Sunday of Advent

I’m not sure what’s going on, but my neighborhood is a little behind this year in getting it’s Christmas on. I’m just not seeing as many lights and decorations decking my neighbors’ halls and doors as I’ve noticed by this time in more recent years. There are the obvious exceptions, including the folks down the street that have added to their usual collection of holiday yard displays an inflatable band of elves and reindeer singing country versions of Christmas songs. But generally speaking, our dark, wooded, non-street-lighted part of town seems a little darker than usual. Maybe everybody is just really busy, burning their seasonal candles at both ends. Or maybe we’re subconsciously leaning into the somber zeitgeist of these times. Read more

We Are In God’s Hands

We Are in God’s Hands” (Jer.18:1-10 and Ps.139:1-18)
What a beautiful image to hold in our mind’s eye, in this new season of life together = the steadfast, loving care of God our Creator, ever with us, in all times & places, knowing us so fully and completely, in light & dark, even before we were born.  It’s a banner cry for every Rally Day, year after year, as we begin again our walk with God, as we find new strength for today & bright hope for tomorrow = that the circumstances of life will always be changing, and as the Psalmist (46) writes – the earth may shake, the mountains of ice may crumble & fall into the ocean depths, the stormy seas may roar & rage, and the very hills tremble with violence – yet when we awaken from our sleep or shock, from a tough surgery or a deep sense of despair, what do we find? Read more